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flexible devices (battery, sensor, super capacitor and transparent conducting film)


electronic component film /flexible transparent conductive materials

currently, the common transparent conductive film is produced by depositing the conductive film on the glass substrate. when the glass is relatively thin, the conductive glass has certain flexibility and bends to some extent. however, the glass is rigid and fragile, complex in production technology and expensive in price, etc. while the transparent cnt conductive film has good electrical conductivity, good transparency and flexibility, is easy to bend, and stable in humidity and high temperature, etc. this kind of new material has drawn a great amount of attention by researchers.

flexible sensor

a flexible sensor made of flexible materials with good flexibility and ductility can be freely bent and folded. due to the flexible and diverse structure, it can be arranged freely and tested conveniently as per the requirement of measurement condition. it is the ideal sensor for monitoring the human body's biomedical signal, sports and the environment and is usually composed of the electrode, sensitive materials and flexible substrates. among those, the suitable sensitive materials play an important role in the sensor performance. the cnt film materials can be widely applied in the flexible sensor field due to its excellent mechanical performance, electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity, as well as diverse production methods and controllable structure, etc.

flexible super capacitor

a super capacitor is a new device that stores the energy at double-deck interface between electrode and electrolyte. although the power storage device is applied very widely, the common production method fails to get high flexibility, while also maintaining power by use of the fragile materials. while the one-dimensional structure of cnt has a great bending radius, cnt still has good electrochemical performance under the extreme bending condition. additionally, good binding force makes the cnt still combine closely after bending many times, which means they can form independent film structure easily. hence, cnt plays a significant role in the flexible super capacitor field.

flexible battery

in the flexible battery, cnt is mainly used to produce the flexible conductive electrode. the cnt without functionalization has better performance than the carbon nanotube with the functionalization. cnt is used as the conductive additives of anode and cathode, and helps to reduce the internal resistance of the battery greatly. in the meantime, the cnt film has great specific surface area, which can enhance the adsorptive property of electrolytes, further promoting the ion transmission.