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job responsibilities:

1、graduate degree or above, major in biology or medicine, gmp-level immune cell, stem cell culture; cell test method verification related work experience;
2、stem cells and other biological theories are solid, guided or involved in the practical application of stem cells, can compile relevant technical courseware and teach
3、experience in cell culture, experience in research related to immune cells or stem cells, or strong oral english ability is preferred;
4、strong communication, coordination and teamwork skills;
5、have good psychological quality and stress resistance;
6、diligent, practical, honest, rigorous and conscientious, with excellent professionalism.

specific requirements:

1、bachelor degree or above, work experience is preferred;
2、familiar with regulations related to in vitro diagnostic reagents;
3、have medical device product development and technical management experience, professional knowledge, medical device production design or similar professional, have certain management capabilities;
4、good at communication, positive and pragmatic.

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