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sporting goods


the composite materials of cnt fiber are very light in weight and high in specific strength and specific modulus. these materials reduce the weight and promote the stiffness of components for sporting equipment. the characteristics of composite materials of cnt fiber can contribute to the performance of various sporting equipment.

the vaulting pole made from composite materials of cnt fiber can be flexible and strong, and will not be cracked or twisted with the whole performance optimized.

the golf clubs made of cnt fiber reinforced composites have a decreased weight of about 10%~40%. the cnt fiber composite materials could be used to manufacture the high and middle-grade tennis racket. a tennis racket made of cnt reinforced composite materials which are light weight, and have very good specific strength and specific modulus, can bear stronger cable tension than a wooden frame. this guarantees no deformation upon hitting the ball.

the mainframe, front fork parts, wheel, crank shaft, seat frame, etc. of high-grade bicycle can be made of cnt fiber composite materials, which can give a vehicle body good rigidity and vibration reducing performance. the vehicle weight can be decreased further and the driving comfort is better.