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carbon nanotube conductive paste

【product introduction】

as the main material of modern advanced aerospace equipment, carbon fiber reinforced composite material has been widely used due to its excellent quality, high strength and corrosion resistance. whether it is the foreign airbus a350, boeing b787 or china's c919. carbon fiber composites are used in large quantities to reduce weight and increase strength.

【related download】

uni-tech has mastered a series of core technologies in the field of high-performance basic materials and has submitted invention patents for 50 publicly available products and technologies. the high-performance carbon nanotube fiber developed by independent innovation has outstanding mechanical properties and is praised by the industry as “the next generation of new high-performance fiber materials”. the array of carbon nanotube powder, carbon nanotube conductive and thermal conductive film, high-performance carbon nanotube conductive paste, carbon nanotube conductive wire and other series of products have achieved the leading level in the industry and have formed large-volume supply capacity. its main application areas include: automotive, high-speed rail and other high-end equipment lightweight; integrated circuit preparation materials, advanced electronic packaging materials, reinforced modified materials, new energy battery positive and negative materials, solar photovoltaic panels, 5g high-speed communication antennas.